Why Buy Tyres From Us?

There are 4 main ways of buying tyres:


1.  from a franchised dealer e.g. Nissan, Ford, Toyota 

2.  from a ‘fast fit’ specialist tyre supplier e.g. Kwik Fit

3.  from an online seller e.g. etyres


or finally from your local independent tyre specialist like us Newcastle Tyres


At Newcastle Tyres we believe we provide our customers with a better tyre buying experience.  Many customers find that buying from a franchised dealer can be very expensive, both in terms of the tyre cost and also the labour cost to fit the tyre.  We have many customers that come to our workshop having been blown away by a quote they have been given by their franchised dealer.  


Additionally, many customers feel that whilst high street 'fast fit' tyres outlets provide a wider selection of tyres and useful if you need a tyre at short notice, the buying process can be very pressured.


Finally online sellers generally entice customers with low prices but are unable to fit the tyres themselves and must pass the customer on to 3rd party fitting outlets (we know we do work for them!!).

Get the best of everything at Newcastle Tyres

Here at Newcastle Tyres we give you the best of everything.  Not only can we supply a range of tyres at great prices but we also fit the tyres onsite while you wait - get details of where we are located here.


We have been in business for 15 years and pride our service on what we believe gives the customer the best deal in the tyre fitting market.


To get an idea of our prices get an online quote.